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Baidu Building

Xin Hai Yuan - template manufacturers, always adhere to the principle of good faith to the quality of excellence as a fundamental to pioneering and innovative mode of operation to price advantage in the competition to win, the product in depth Baidu building construction.

Wanda Construction

"Integrity of casting enterprises, quality to win the world", "Xin Hai Yuan has been this as a criterion, the customer needs to reflect the classic classics, Xin Hai Yuan to create a perfect embodiment of quality. In the long-term cooperation, one center center Xin Hai Yuan two professional, Xin Hai Yuan to reflect the quality of customers, and strive to do the largest Guangdong building template manufacturers!

Wanda Construction

In order to provide a good quality of the template, equipped with advanced testing equipment, from raw materials into the factory to the factory are rigorous testing, the product sampling, mutual inspection of the principle of combining the strict quality control, not to let A substandard product out of the company, so that 100% customer satisfaction is Xin Hai Yuan commitment to customers.

Construction of Bi Gui Yuan

As a Shenzhen building template manufacturer, Xin Hai Yuan and Bi Gui Yuan many times to provide quality templates. In order to ensure the quality of Xin Hai Yuan architectural template, we strictly enforce the domestic and international quality and technical standards, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management certification and FSC forest certification.


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  • Xin Hai Yuan tells you how to pick a good building template

    How to choose a good building template? Shenzhen Xin Hai Yuan Wood Industry to teach you a few tips, architectural template is a temporary support structure, according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure, components according to the provisions of the location, Maintain its correct position, and bear the building template weight and the role of the external load on it. The purpose of the template project is to ensure the quality of concrete construction and construction safety, speed up the construction schedule and reduce the project cost.

  • Introduce a few little knowledge about imported wood

    Now the construction of the use of wood more and more widely, the construction of wood-related knowledge has become people have to understand the subject, the following Xinhai source of wood as an import of wood experts for you to introduce a brief about the import of wood a few small know how:

  • Shenzhen construction template why the deformation of the situation

    Shenzhen Xinhai Yuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2012. It is a professional sales engineering building template and imported wood products. Xinhai source of wood has passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality system certification, FSC forest certification and ISO14001 environment system certification, product quality and service has won the Huazhong and South China region many customers trust.